The 17th World Congress of Psychophysiology (IOP2014)


Oral Sessions

Oral Session 1 (September 26 [Fri] 8:30-10:00)

Perception and Cognition

Chair: Wolfgang Skrandies (Germany)

An event-related brain potential study on intra- and inter-modal duration discrimination: Differential effects of task difficulty
Emi Hasuo, Emilie Gontier, Takako Mitsudo, Yoshitaka Nakajima, Shozo Tobimatsu, & Simon Grondin

Learning mathematical rules affects the frequencies of electrical brain activity
Wolfgang Skrandies & Alexander Klein

Envelope-following responses in MEG and EEG as indices of temporal processing in the human auditory system
Huizhen Tang, Jon Brock, Stephen Crain, & Blake Johnson

Attentional selection of dissociated global and local letters: An MEG study
Mitchell Vades-Sosa, Jorge Iglesias, Maria A. Bobes, Jafri Abdullah, NorSafira Elaina, & Alwani Alwani (canceled)

Oral session 2 (September 26 [Fri] 13:30-15:20)

Psychopharmacology and Neurochemistry

Chair: Markus Ullsperger (Germany)

The role of serotonin (5-HT) in performance monitoring and control: A combined genetic and pharmacological EEG study
Adrian G. Fischer, Tanja Endrass, Martin Reuter, Christian Kubisch, & Markus Ullsperger

Genger differences in association between serotonin transporter gene polymorphism and resting-state EEG activity
Nina V. Volf, Ludmila V. Belousova, Gennady G. Knyazev, & Alexander V. Kulikov

Steady State visually evoked potential (SSVEP) phase change as an index of Spatial Working Memory task performance: The influence of nootropic supplementation
David A Camfield, Andrew Scholey, Richard Silberstein, Andrew Pipingas, & Con Stough

Brain development, drug therapy and EEG photic driving reactivity in partial epilepsy
Vladimir V. Lazarev, Maria Alice Genofre, & Leonardo C. deAzevedo

The role of a default mode network in perceptual information processing
Hiroakira Matsui, Osamu Hoshino, & Kazuhiro Tsuboi

Oral session 3 (September 26 [Fri] 15:40-17:30)

Emotion and Decision Making

Chair: Márk Molnár (Hungary)

Risky and cautious choice-making - age-dependent changes of feedback related negativity in a gambling task
Márk Molnár, Zsófia K. Kardos, Roland Boha, Bálint File, & Brigitta Tóth

Decision-making in individuals with intellectual disabilities revealed by near infrared spectroscopy
Hiroaki Shoji, Ayano Mizokoshi, Taichi Hirayama, & Hisaki Ozaki

Effect of emotion reappraisal on phasic cardiovascular responses to affective pictures
Jonathan R. Krygier, James A. J. Heathers, James J. Gross, Maree Abbott, & Andrew H. Kemp

The relationship between resting state cortical hemodynamics and emotion regulation
Noriaki Kanayama, Satoru Sakurai, Hirona Konishi, Tomoya Matsumoto, Yasumasa Okamoto, & Shigeto Yamawaki

Neuroticism facilitates daytime wakefulness and sleep devaluation via higher neural efficiency in the bilateral prefrontal cortex
Takuya Yoshiike, Ken’ichi Kuriyama, Motoyasu Honma, Hiroki Ikeda, & Yoshiharu Kim

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