The 17th World Congress of Psychophysiology (IOP2014)




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September 23 (Tuesday)


Public SymposiumScience of the Brain and the Mind
(in Japanese, for a general audience)



(14:00-16:30) IOP Board of Director meeting (Room B)


Opening Ceremony

In memoriam: Dietrich Lehmann


Keynote Lecture 1 (Ryuta Kawashima)
"Real time monitoring of other’s state of mind during communication"
Chair: Hisaki Ozaki


Welcome Reception

September 24 (Wednesday)


Poster Preparation


Symposium 1 (90 min)

[A1] Functional neuroimaging of deception
Organizer: Svyatoslav V. Medvedev

[B1] The oscillations of biological systems: Methods and perspective, part 1
Organizers: Nina N. Danilova & Gennady G. Knyazev

[C1] Music, language, speech and brain
Organizer: Olga Bazanova, Chairs: Atsuko Gunji & Christo Pantev

[D1] Psychophysiology and kansei engineering applications
Organizer: Tatsuya Iwaki


Keynote Lecture 2 (Kenji Doya)
"Toward the neurophysiology of mental simulation"
Chair: Hideki Ohira


Poster Session 1 (90 min)


Symposium 2 (110 min)

[A2] Recent developments in psychophysiological information-detection research: Integrating laboratory and field findings
Organizer: Gershon Ben-Shakhar

[B2] Psychophysiological and clinical results from advanced EEG analysis and combined methods
Organizer: Luis F. H. Basile

[C2] Psychophysiology at industrial setting
Organizers: Akihiro Yagi & Jun’ich Katayama

[D2]: Psychophysiology in exercise science
Organizer: Hiroaki Masaki


Symposium 3 (110 min)

[A3] Neurodynamic of emotion and pathology
Organizers: Henrique Sequeira & Joëlle Martineau

[B3] RIDE – a new method for the decomposition of ERPs based on latency variability: Principles and applications
Organizers: Werner Sommer & Chang Song Zhou

[C3] Psychophysiology of developmental disorders
Organizers: Harumitsu Murohashi & Giuseppe A. Chiarenza

[D3] Hemispheric asymmetry of cognitive processes
Organizer: Pavel Ermakov


Keynote Lecture 3 (Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui)
Advances in EEG methods applied to intra-cortical connectivity inference and to functional imaging: Examples in psychiatry research
Chair: Giuseppe A. Chiarenza

September 25 (Thursday)


Poster Preparation


Symposium 4 (90 min)

[A4] Auditory sensory memory as probed by mismatch negativity
Organizers: Hirooki Yabe and Calres Escera

[B4] The oscillations of biological systems: methods and perspective, part 2
Organizers: Vilfredo De Pascalis & Robert J. Barry

[C4] Neurofeedback technology for cognitive ability training
Organizer: Olga Bazanova

[D4] Calling one’s own name: Event-related potential studies
Organizer: Shugo Suwazono


Keynote Lecture 4 (Carles Escera)
Tagging the acoustic world: regularity encoding from brainstem to cerebral cortex
Chair: Hirooki Yabe


Poster Session 2 (90 min)


Symposium 5 (170 min, with pauses)

[A5] How blindness can open our eyes on brain function and plasticity
Organizer: Emiliano Ricciardi

[B5] Visual mismatch negativity: A unique window to automatic visual cognitive processing
Organizers: István Czigler & Motohiro Kimura

[C5] Neurocognitive profiles of learning and forgetting languages as reflected by ERPs
Organizers: Valéria Csépe & Karsten Steinhauer

[D5] Brain organization of creativity
Organizer: Svatoslav V. Medvedev


Keynote Lecture 5 (John J. B. Allen)
"Neural systems underlying risk for depression: Towards a neurally-informed treatment approach"
Chair: Izumi Matsuda


Social Dinner at Hiroshima Museum of Art

September 26 (Friday)


Poster Preparation


Symposium 6 (90 min)

[A6] Recent research topics on eye blink behavior
Organizer: Fumio Yamada

[B6] Cognitive and psychomotor influence on postural control
Organizers: Olga Bazanova & Paula Viana Wackermann

[C6] Psychophysiology of computer/video games
Organizers: Nobuyuki Kawai & Yuichiro Nagano

Oral Session 1 (90 min)

[D6] Perception and cognition
Chair: Wolfgang Skrandies


Vice-President’s Lecture (Risto Näätänen)
"The mismatch negativity (MMN) - a unitary biomarker for predicting schizophrenia onset"
Chair: Juanita Todd


Poster Session 3 (90 min)


Symposium 7 (110 min)

[A7]: Timescales of relevance in the auditory system
Organizer:Juanita Todd

[B7]: Pros and cons of principal components analysis of ERP and EEG data
Organizers: Robert J. Barry & Hiroshi Nittono

[C7] A psychophysiological perspective of emotional responsivity and attentional processes in adult psychopathology
Organizer: Danielle Mathersul

Oral Session 2 (110 min)

[D7]: Psychopharmacology and neurochemistry
Chair: Markus Ullsperger


Symposium 8 (110 min)

[A8] Novel psychophysiological approaches to investigating social communication
Organizers: Keiko Ogawa & Anne S. Warlaumont

[B8] Psychophysiological perspectives on inhibition and conflict
Organizers: Maurits W. van der Molen & Robert J. Barry

[C8] Current trends in Psychophysiology of Individual Differences
Organizers: Vilfredo De Pascalis & Boris V. Chernyshev

Oral Session 3 (110 min)

[D8] Emotion and decision making
Chair: Márk Molnár


Keynote Lecture 6 (Naoyuki Osaka)
"Understanding self and others in the social working brain"
Chair: Jun’ichi Katayama


Attraction, Kagura (a Japanese traditional theater)

September 27 (Saturday)


Symposium 9 (90 min)

[A9] ERP indices for language processing in East and West: Cognitive universals and culture-dependent variables
Organizer: Shingo Tokimoto

[B9] Recent psychophysiological research in children and adolescents
Organizer: Bram Dierckx, Chair: Giuseppe A. Chiarenza

[C9] Toward a visualization of the cognitive function: Traditional and new approaches
Organizer: Seiji Tamakoshi, Discussant: Robert J. Barry


Presidential Address (Giuseppe A. Chiarenza)
"Psychophysiology of reading"
Chair: Hiroshi Nittono


General Assembly of IOP members


Awards and Closing Ceremony

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