The 17th World Congress of Psychophysiology (IOP2014)



IMPORTANT: Visa application

The application period has been expired.

Residents in some countries (e.g., Russia, China) need a "short-term business" visa to enter Japan. It may take two to three months to complete the process. We will provide necessary documents only if the following conditions are met.

  • The registration fees of the applicant is fully paid.
  • A copy of the certificate of employment of the applicant (with English translation) is sent by e-mail.
  • The information sheet (download from here) that shows the schedule of stay in Japan (including arrival and departure flight numbers) is sent by e-mail.

Please submit the certificate of employment and the information sheet by June 30 extended to July 31 by e-mail (visa @

After this date, we cannot guarantee the issue of invitation letters.

By July 14, we will send the original copy of the documents by regular mail.

For the detailed procedure of visa application, please consult with a travel agency in your region. We will only issue the necessary documents of invitation.

If you come with your colleagues on the same schedule, sending the documents together in a single e-mail would be appreciated very much.

Note that the Letter of Reason and the Letter of Guarantee (i.e., the certificate of the conference manager) are used officially by Japanese Embassy, and therefore written in Japanese.

If you need an English invitation letter for your institution, we can send it by e-mail.

Detailed Information is available on Japanese Embassy's websites.

China / Russia and NIS / Philippines / Other countries

Access to Hiroshima

There is a [map] on Hiroshima Navigator.


Here are some convenient hotels that are located in a 10-min walk (1 km) distance from the congress venue. The links to their official Japanese and English websites are shown. You may find different prices at third-party Internet travel agencies.

Note that most hotels in Japan charge per person, not per room.

  • International Conference Center Hiroshima - Congress Venue
  • Hiroshima Museum of Art - Social Dinner
  • ANA Crowne Plaza Hiroshima - ****
    In Japanese
    In English
  • Hotel Sunroute Hiroshima - ***
    In Japanese
    In English
  • Dormy Inn Hiroshima - ***
    In Japanese
    In English
  • Comfort Inn Hiroshima Heiwa-Odori - ***
    In Japanese
    In English
  • Hotel Park Side Hiroshima Peace Park - ***
    In Japanese
    In English

Sightseeing information

Hiroshima Navigator:

Hiroshima Navigator

Hiroshima Optional Tours:

Hiroshima Optional Tours

Japan: The official guide:

Japan: The official guide

Japan Traveler Online:

Japan Traveler Online

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